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IAA AWARDS 每年度颁发出的奖项在业界有着「优良作品的象征」,已经累计为全球30余国家和地区的参与者颁发此荣誉,严苛的评选与多年的品牌积累,让越来越多的参赛项目受到媒体、产业、投资和顾客的注意。获得IAA AWARDS奖意味着一系列的市场推广活动的滚动开始,所有活动都致力于推广和传播奖项得主的设计概念和成就。2020,我们已经开始筹备一场别具风格的颁奖典礼,会邀请来自设计、媒体和商业界大咖云集,你将在众目睽睽的星光下获取殊荣,现在“You have to try”。




如您的企业或者社会组织有意赞助IAA AWARDS ,您可以通过EMAIL:iaaawards@yeah.net给我们来信,一切有利于IAA AWARDS 发展的合作是我们的期待。

Winner’s certificate

IAA AWARDS issues winner’s certificate according to the ranking, which is the recognition and reward for winners. They will also effectively inform your client, media and other group about your award. We will provide the winner’s logo. All the winners have the right to use the winner’s logo. The winner’s logo can be used online and offline.

Logo license

It has not fixed service life, it can only be used indefinitely for winning works. The electronic file of the winner’s logo will be sent later. You can use the digital logo online and offline.

Yearbook pictures

We publish art design yearbook every year, which includes all the winning works. We will record and deliver to selected winners.

Winner interview

We will invite some of winners to interview, and they have the opportunity to appear in the cooperative media.

Online exhibition

All the award-winning works will be automatically displayed on IAA AWARDS website. The online exhibition will not only continue to be exposed on the Internet, but also receive the honor of the award.

Winner’s party

In order to celebrate and tap the full potential of designers, we will held the winner salon aperiodically. Only the winners can take part in the activity. Winners of the year award can apply to tell their own creative stories in the event. In the salon, you will also get the resources and latest information.

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